Maybe she hadn’t failed at love. Maybe he just hadn’t been the right man…
Life had never been melancholier for Eliza Loring since the man she loved had up and married someone else. But when she meets a handsome stranger whose genuine compliments and soul-searing gazes seem to reach way deep inside her, she wonders if maybe there’s another man out there for her after all.

Miner Gill Mabry has seen and done many things in his nearly 40 years, much of which he’s not proud of. He’d put his days at war far behind him, though the memories seem determined to haunt him while he sleeps. It was love at first sight when he met Eliza, but when battle with the Bannock Indians seems imminent, he must decide if he can summon the strength to take up his rifle once more – this time for the woman he loves.

A sweet western historical romance that will transport you to another time and place where outlaws, Indians, and other unknown threats roamed the wild, rowdy west.
Amethyst is book four in the Heart of a Miner series and can be read as a standalone though would be best appreciated if read in order.