Clara Early loves adventure. But when her outlaw uncle reappears after four years’ absence and threatens to kill her, Clara embarks by stagecoach on her wildest adventure yet… and unexpectedly finds love along the way.

Seeking fortune to prove his worth, Hal Horner buys a silver mine in the Owyhee Mountains, feeling the solemn darkness of the underground mine reflects perfectly the emptiness in his own heart. He succeeds in finding treasure, though it’s not the shiny type he intended.  

Both Hal and Clara know her uncle will catch up with her eventually, but can their love hold strong when he does? 

"I enjoyed myself in this world, and really isn’t that why we read?" Marsha, Keeper Bookshelf

"The story makes for a good comfort read as it combines mystery, adventure, romance, and history all in one story. Evil has a means of finding its victim. But so does love." Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite

"The story is the first in the Heart of a Miner series and was a page-turner. I liked the characters and their interaction. It will take on a life and death situation and show how far a man is willing to go for a woman he loves. The story is a clean historical western, including action, and adventure, that ends on a happily ever after." Kathy, RedRabbitt's Reviews