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It hurt, losing her pa like she did. That’s why Winnifred Morgan traded her dresses and bonnets for trousers and boots to drive a stage coach, just like he did. Beating the boys in a race for a position as Nevada’s newest stage driver wasn’t difficult for a skilled driver like Winnie, and facing highwaymen trying to steal the express box full of treasure didn’t intimidate her, either.


Teaming up with Wells Fargo shotgun guard Benjamin Sharpe, Winnie must rein in the unfamiliar yearnings of her own heart. 


But trouble is waiting in the wings, for her pa carried a secret to his grave… and now those who seek it are coming after Winnie!


The Stage Driver’s Daughter combines the adventure and danger of a true western with the sort of romance that can withstand it.

"This is an adorable, fast-paced romantic

adventure anyone can enjoy." 

-Julie Whiteley, InD'tale Magazine